Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Well howdy everybody, it's your good friend Patty Cake again! This past Sunday morning Patty (the oldest sister) woke us all up early and told us that we was going to church. I was excited cause we hadn't been in a while, the hungry sister was mad cause she had already made plans to go swimmin early with that cute boy down the road, and the youngest one was grumpy cause she was still a little bit hung over from her drink the night before. BUT with some gentile persuasion and the business end of a cattle prod everyone was up and getting dressed in our "Sunday Go-A-Meetin" clothes.

We piled in the van and headed out of the park to the First Baptist Church! We were running a little late, and the service had already started when we got there, so we snuck in the back and piled into the very last pew right next to our next door neighbor Mrs Peppersnach. The church house was packed, it was like Easter Sunday! The service was lovely. The preacher was telling us about those two boys named Chadrack and Meshack and their Billygoat, and how they was all cast into the fiery furnace. I was a little disturbed by this story seein as them two boys at least got to speak in their own defence, but that poor little billy goat never even said a cross word and was still thrown in the fire. CAN WE SAY ANIMAL CRUELTY!!?? Well, as the story turned out they was all OK, so I felt a little bit better about it since the goat didn't get burned up.

Right in the middle of the sermon the youngest sister who was still a tad hung over asked the oldest sister if she could be excused cause she felt like she was gonna throw up. The oldest one said no at first, but when she saw what a lovely shade of green the youngest was turning, she agreed and told her to go around to the very back of the church house and puke behind a bush. So, the hung over one stood up politely, and very quietly excused herself and snuck out the door. Within 60 seconds she was back and looked alert and refreshed. "Well that was fast" I said. "How could you make it all the way behind the church house, throw up, and come all the way back in so quickly?" To which she told me "Oh, I didn't have to go all the way around back, when I walked out into the lobby I found a BIG box that was labeled "FOR THE SICK" on it, so I just used that." Well I just thought that was so nice for them to put such a thing out in the lobby for the sick folks. I guess it's so they wouldn't have to miss very much of the service if they feel the need to erp in the middle of church. And believe me after hearing about that poor billy goat I thought about runnin out and using it myself.

Anyway, when the sermon was over, and we finished singing JUST AS I AM for the closing invitational, we walked out into the lobby to shake the pastor's hand before we left. But, on the way out of the sanctuary I noticed some pictures of army men and women hanging on the wall by the door. "Hmmmm" I thought, "I wonder what those are for?" Well when we reached the pastor I shook his hand and told him I thought his sermon was lovely, and he thanked me.

" I have a quick question to ask you pastor..." He smiled at me and said
"What's on your mind, sister?"
"I was wondering about those pictures of the army men and women, what are they for"
"Oh," he said "Those are the pictures of our men and women who have died in the service."
"Oh, well that clears it up, I think it's so nice of y'all to honor thier memory like that. Thank you pastor!" But then came my even bigger question. "Did they die during the morning service or the evening service?" He looked at me kinda confused, so I was gonna ask him again, but before I could repeat my inquiary the oldest sister grabbed my hand and jerked me out the door. Oh well, I guess we'll never know all the answers till we get to heaven!

Love y'all, and God bless!
Patty Cake