Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A new Patty Clip

Howdy folks! It's your good friend and neighbor again, Patty Cake. It seems summer has officially come to an end, and I am real excited. This is the time of year when folks start decoratin their trailers with punkins and hay bails. Oh it's so festive! And as soon as The trick or treatin is over we get to plug in the Christmas lights that have been hanging on the front porch all year long. It just a wonderful time of year. The air is a little cooler, and the days are a little shorter. Well, to pay tribute to the dying summer the other day we decided to set up a road side lemonade stand out in front of the trailer. It was a big success. I didn't participate seeing as how sissy had grounded me from going outside on account of me running my mouth at church the other day. How was I supposed to know the preacher meant "Hymn" and not "Him?" I aint no mind reader, but sissy made a killing selling her "HOME MADE" lemonade, which has a little something extra thrown in. Everyone was laughin and havin a good time, that is till the tequila wore off and everyone came down with a bad headache and a case of the shakes. And as soon as all the wonderful little children woke up from being passed out in the driveway, they helped us finish off what was left and clean up the mess. I guess the lazy days of summer are finally over and done with. Y'all get out and enjoy the lovely cool weather. We sure have been. I hope everyone is doing well and I will write more real soon.

Love ya, bye bye!
Patty Cake

Here's a new clip for y'all to gander at from Big Momma's!


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