Friday, September 12, 2008

Hey hon! It's your good friend Patty cake here, and these videa's just made-muh-day! Hope y'all get a good chuckle out of'em! LOVE Y'ALL!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

MMMM Y'all this is GUD!

Well Howdy-Doody everbody! It's you're good friend Patty Cake again, and I just wanted to share with you our very own SPECIAL recipe for our own signature drink! The drama queen drunk ass sister taught it to me last night and mmmmmmmmmmmm is it ever good!



What you will need to make a COW PATTY COCKTAIL

  1. A Blender
  2. A Banana
  3. Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
  4. Creme De Cacao
  5. Amaretto Liquor
  6. Vanilla Ice Cream
  7. A Chocolate Ding Dong
  8. Whipped Cream in a can
  9. Peanut butter
  10. Chocolate kisses
  • OK, first you need to take your banana and peel it. Careful not to drop the peel on the floor, cause accidents happen that-a-way!
  • NEXT cut it in half and drop one half into the blender.
  • THEN get your vanilla ice cream and measure out one fourth of a cup and pour it into the blender. OK , WE'RE DOING GREAT! NO ONE'S HURT SO FAR! Make sure not to stick your fingers too far into the blender if you have mean sisters who like to play mean jokes!
  • AFTER THAT open up your Ding Dong and split it in half. Quickly eat one half of it and then while your chewing it up drop the uneaten half into the blender. CAREFUL NOT TO CHOKE ON THE DING DONG! Like I said before, accidents DO happen! Chew carefully.
  • Now, take your peanut butter and scoop out one tablespoon and plop that on in the mix. Place the lid back on the blender (an essential step if you don't wanna make a mess) and blend the contents to a pulp. There should still be a few hints of Ding Dong chunks left floating around in the mixture when you're done, but you have to make sure to mix in all the peanut butter or you cant use a crazy straw to drink it (Trust me).
  • Now add your alkohal! Pour one shot of Amaretto into the mix, and two shots of Creme De Cocoa. Pulse the mixture two or three more times until the booze is good and mixed in.

YOU"RE ALMOST DONE! Still got all your fingers? Good!

  • Now pour the yummy mixture into two frosty tea glasses. After that, just top it with some of your canned Ready Whip, drizzle a little chocolate syrup over it, and place a small chocolate kiss on the top for love!

Well, dear friends, there you have it! A cool tasty drink with a kick that's perfect for any hot summer day wile your sittin on your porch with a friend or neighbor! ENJOY!

I'm Patty Cake and I have approved this Message!